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Borough of Steelton
Borough of SteeltonSeptember 19, 2018 at 3:08pm
Alright gang, this one is gonna be epic. ITS THE SKATE PARK BIRTHDAY BASH SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27th!
Free skate lessons, food trucks, music, trick contests, prizes, and lots of shreddage. BE THERE!
Borough of Steelton
Borough of SteeltonSeptember 19, 2018 at 8:42am
BE AWARE OF FRAUD RELATED TO HURRICANE FLORENCE. Read this important Bulletin from the Pennsylvania State Police.
Borough of Steelton
Borough of SteeltonSeptember 17, 2018 at 4:53pm
Update: Flaring will mainly be happening after midnight.

From the Steelton Fire Chief:
UGI will be flaring their propane tanks located in the Borough this week. Residents may see a flame rising from the tanks, but these are controlled burns that are safe, standard procedures.

The Steelton Fire Department is in constant contact with UGI when controlled flaring takes place.
Borough of Steelton
Borough of SteeltonSeptember 14, 2018 at 9:02am
PPL Electric Utilities Preparing for Impact of Hurricane Florence

PPL is preparing for Hurricane Florence and is bolstering available manpower to respond to potential power outages from the storm.

A direct hit is not forecast for Pennsylvania, but rain may cause flooding and already saturated ground could contribute to tree-related outages.
All employees – including hundreds of line workers, electricians and other skilled technicians – are ready to respond if needed.
PPL also has more than 200 additional workers – including contract line and tree crews – ready to help restore power to customers, if needed.

“As with any storm situation, we have a detailed plan in place to respond,” said Steph Raymond, VP, Distribution Operations.
“We will work around the clock to restore power to affected customers. We’ve been working for years to strengthen our grid to reduce outages
and help us restore power more quickly.”

Stay safe and be prepared
Safety is always the top priority at PPL Electric Utilities. We urge our customers to make it their top priority as well, and to be prepared.
• Stay away from downed wires – always treat any wires on the ground as if they are energized.
o Call 1-800-DIAL-PPL immediately to report downed wires. Keep kids and pets away from them too.
• Keep generators far away from buildings and never operate them in an enclosed space like a garage.
• Prepare a storm kit – gather the supplies you might need for a prolonged outage, including flashlights, batteries, canned food, bottled water, medication, a first aid kit, and any needed pet food.
• Charge your cell phones, tablets, laptops and any back-up battery packs.
• If you rely on medical equipment or have special personal needs, plan what you would do in the event of an extended power outage at your home.

*More detailed information on staying safe in storms can be found on PPL’s website at

Get the latest information on power outages
• You can report an outage through the ways below:
o Online at our mobile-friendly site:
o Call 1-800-DIAL-PPL (1-800-342-5775)
o Text “Outage” to TXTPPL (898775).
• PPL Alerts keep customers up to date on power outages and estimated restoration times. Customers can choose to be notified by email, phone, text, or all three.
o Manage your alerts preferences at
• View our mobile-friendly outage map for info on your specific power outage, by searching via address or viewing the google map.
o The map contains estimated restoration times and repair status when that information becomes available.
o Please note that exact estimated restoration times may not be available for some power outages until crews have had a chance to assess the damage.
o As soon as estimates are available, they will be posted on the outage map and included in alert

We’ve made our grid stronger and smarter to better withstand storms
Over the past decade, PPL Electric Utilities has made significant investments to make the grid safer, stronger, smarter and more resilient.
Examples include:
• Installing smart grid devices at thousands of locations throughout our 29-county delivery area to sense outages, report their location and enable quick rerouting of power, when possible, to restore customers more quickly. Smart grid equipment reduces storm-related outages by 20 percent.
• Removing and trimming trees along more than 10,000 miles of power lines each year. Trees are the biggest cause of outages in storms.
• Replacing aging wooden transmission poles with stronger steel poles that can better withstand storms.
• Building new substations to make the power grid more reliable and secure.
• Replacing older circuit breakers with more reliable equipment.

Steelton News

Proposed No Parking Street Sweeper Ordinance

In an effort to improve quality of life in the East End, Steelton Borough Council is considering an ordinance establishing permanent designated street sweeper routes throughout the year to allow regular cleaning of East End streets. The proposed ordinance will establish “No Parking” restrictions on designated streets during certain dates and times which impact on-street […]

Steelton Draft General and Sewer Fund Budgets Open for Review

At its October 16th meeting, Steelton Borough Council approved laying the draft 2018 General Fund and Sewer Fund Budgets out for public review. Residents are welcome to review the draft budgets right here or in person at Borough Hall during regular business hours. 

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