Letter to Residents from our Borough Manager

Doug Brown, Borough Manager

Doug Brown, Borough Manager

Dear Resident:

2016 is poised to be a year of positive activity in the Borough. With a new Council on board and a number of important projects in the works, there are many reasons to look forward to the New Year.

It is no surprise to anyone that Steelton Borough has gone through a difficult few years and continues to face challenges. We are—at our core—a steel town whose strength lies in its resident’s resiliency, work ethic, and tenacity. It is these strengths that we must collectively draw upon to forge Steelton’s future and it is through these strengths that we can chart a path that is as rich and full of pride as the communities 136 year history.

In 2016, residents will see ground moved, projects started, and many of the issues that we have struggled with in recent years resolved. In my first three months as Borough Manager, here is where the office stands in moving Steelton forward:

  • We are caught up on every Right-to-Know request accept one, which we are working with the requestor on. There is a process in place to ensure every requestor receives a response in the timely manner.
  • A new website has been launched that will be the foundation for us to provide maximum transparency and information online.
  • All meeting minutes of the Steelton Borough Council have been completed, approved, and are now available for the public at www.steeltonpa.com.
  • Design work for the chlorine contact tank at the Steelton Water Filtration Plant has been completed. This project will address the issue of disinfection byproducts for good.
  • A certified Codes Officer has been hired with a start date of January 2016. The Borough also signed an agreement with Highspire Borough to receive Codes services to ensure every area of the Codes Department is operating efficiently.
  • The bollard replacement project on Front Street was completed beautifying the streetscape area.

The prior three months are only the beginning, as the Borough Manager’s Office seeks to continue the momentum heading into 2016. In 2016, residents can expect:

  • Completion of the Pine Street/Harrisburg Street Project including repaving of the streets.
  • Completion of demolition and environmental reclamation of property across from Borough Hall transforming former garages into a pad ready development site.
  • Continued progress on the chlorine contact tank project at the Steelton Water Filtration Plant with PENNVEST funding determined in October 2016.
  • Work will begin on the Water Distribution System Optimization Project, which adds additional improvements to the water system including comprehensive system modeling and improvements to the system that will supplement the chlorine contact tank.
  • An inspection and cleaning of the Borough’s storm water and sanitary sewer system will continue improving the performance of both systems.
  • The Steelton Firehouse Improvements Project will commence.
  • A regular newsletter will be sent out to residents keeping them informed of Borough news.
  • The Borough will also receive news on grant projects including a Dauphin County Gaming Grant that would fund the repair and replacement of Storm Sewers at Washington Street and Blueberry Alley.

The projects above are just the beginning for 2016. There are many ideas and initiatives that we must develop to chart a strong future. I welcome any resident, business owner, or member of the public to stop in at the Borough Manager’s office and share your vision for Steelton’s future, to notify us about an issue, or to just say hello.

Much like my wife’s grandfather worked every day at the Steel Mill to provide for his family, our community, through the Steelton values of hard work, resiliency, and tenacity, can provide for a rich future of which we can all be proud.
Together, we can make 2016 a pivotal year in the history of the Borough of Steelton if we work together.

Please call me anytime at 717-939-9842 ext. 5030.


Douglas E. Brown
Borough Manager