Steelton Borough is looking for organizations and individuals who want to make Borough a cleaner place to live. The Adopt-a-Block Program allows you to take ownership over a block to make it a cleaner, more vibrant part of the Borough. Adopting individuals and organizations will be recognized through signs that will be erected after two successful cleanups. They will also be recognized by the Mayor at a public ceremony each year, including an award for the best block.

Register to Adopt-a-Block TODAY by Filling Out the Forms in Steelton’s Adopt-a-Block Program Booklet

  • Organization/individuals sign up to clean a specific area of the Borough at least four (4) times per year and more often as needed.
  • The Borough will provide supplies including trash bags, gloves and safety vests.
  • Participating organization/individuals will be recognized for their contribution through the placement of two (2) Adopt-a Block signs installed at either end of the street/area the group agrees to “adopt.”
  • To participate, individuals or organizations must fill out the adopt a block application, agreement, and other documents found in the Program Booklet.

Groups are encouraged to adopt as large an area that is manageable based on the number of volunteers in their organization/individual committed to the task.

For more information, please contact Borough Manager Doug Brown at 717-939-9842 or