S.H.I.R.T (Steelton Highspire Initative Rolls Together)

Mission Statement

It is an organization which has developed to engage and empower the youth, adults and families of Steelton and Highspire to restore and rebuild positive and health communities. SHIRT meetings are listed below and being at 6PM.

Community Planning

We are forming a grass roots network of parents, youth, community members, The Steelton-Highspire School District, local churches, human service agencies, law enforcement agencies, non-profit agencies and businesses willing to uphold the mission of SHIRT and ultimately help our young people succeed. We plan to organize and/or support the following programming in the future:

Short term plans

  • Opportunities for youth such as intramural activities, arts, etc.
  • Sharing of information and resources at monthly SHIRT meetings (All SHIRT meetings will be facilitated by parents and community members)
  • Networking and relationship building with parents, youth, community members and existing programs
  • Parent, community members and school teacher and staff workshops
  • Family story time and literacy nights
  • Enhancing after school programming and tutoring within both Steelton and Highspire

Long Term plans

  • increasing student success both in school and in the community
  • places for youth to do things in the evenings and weekends that highlights their strengths and talents with hopes of transportation
    Goals (Outcomes)

Goals (Outcomes)

  1. Residents and community members will achieve greater participation in school and community efforts.
    1. Number of community members who attend and participate in Borough Councils and School Board Meetings
    2. Number of volunteers to participate at community and school events
    3. Number of community members registered to vote
    4. Percentage of voter turnout
    5. SHSD High School Student participation in the Youth Allocation Meetings with the United Way
  2. Families with students enrolled in the SHSD will achieve greater participation in school efforts
    1. Number of family members with students in the SHSD who attend School Board Meetings and other school sponsored efforts (examples – PTO, Back to School Night, Parent Resource Center, Back to School Bash)
    2. Number [and type?] of family and teacher interactions (examples – web site hits, email to teachers, notes sent home to parents, parent visits to the classroom, teacher visits to student homes, parent teacher conferences)
  3. Students of SHSD will achieve increased academic success
    1. % of graduates per year
    2. Test scores (quarterly)
    3. Grades on report cards
    4. PSSA test scores
    5. % of students accepted into college
    6. Better behavior at lunch
    7. Decreased suspension rate and discipline rates
    8. Improved school attendance
  4. Family within both boroughs and all school-Administration, Teachers, Guidance, Support Staff will strengthen partnerships.
    1. Improve/ increase communication (including the way things are communicated, and how it is done such as tone of voice.
    2. Increased participation in school events, such as back to school nights, PTO meetings and activities, etc
    3. Increased meaningful community events.
    4. Bullying deceases
    5. Improved relationships between adults
    6. Increase number of Highspire participants
  5. Residents and community members will create a positive living environment
    1. Increase collaboration for community events

Current Needs

  • We are seeking collaboration with anyone willing to support SHIRT and its mission. We have been working with the PA Turnpike Commission for a location under the turnpike bridge between Steelton and Highspire on route 230, for an 8′ by 10′ mural created by seven youth who are residents of Steelton and Highspire with Barak Inc. as part of the Heritage Mural Trail. The title of the piece is “The Must Win Game” and focuses on “busting negativity, building the schools and boroughs of the future with educated and energized young people”.
  • We could use some local youth to submit written articles, art, poetry, ect to a magazine we are working on in collaboration with Jump Street. This magazine is going to be completed done by the kids in Steelton and Highspire and will be distributed at the Elementary and High School.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments please contact

Randie Yeager – Dauphin County Human Services at 717-780-6288 or ryeager@dauphinc.org

Natashia Woods – Parent/Community Action Commission at 717-421-8054 or Natashia.woods@yahoo.com