Borough of Steelton

General Statement of Duties:

This is an entry level position with the Borough’s Highway Department and involves special and routine manual work in the Highway Maintenance area.

The employee is required to perform primary duties, which require physical labor.  Work involves the use of manual tools, power operated tools, operation and driving of light and heavy Borough equipment on routine tasks.

The duties of the employee include a wide range of Borough activities, including light and heavy physical labor, indoor and outdoor work (regardless of weather conditions), work at heights, work in groups or alone, depending on the location and nature of the assignment.

The employee will receive assignments primarily orally and in detail but may receive them in writing and the work is normally performed under supervision.  The employee is also required to be on call to answer any emergency calls and will be assigned to work in the water and sewer departments as needed.

Examples of Work Functions and Specific Duties:

  • Cleaning of gutters, culverts, sewers and other drainage structures;
  • Performing ground tasks such as maintaining flower beds, mowing grass, pulling weeds, raking leaves, cleaning inlets, shoveling snow, sweeping walkways, snow plowing, sign work, painting, street sweeping, paving, park and playground maintenance and repair and litter pick-up;
  • Performing of minor maintenance to buildings and fixtures;
  • Minor maintenance of equipment and fixtures ;( example: hand loading and unloading of stone, )
  • Loading and unloading of stone, gravel, dirt, asphalt, pipe, timber and equipment;
  • Mixing of concrete, digging and back filling of trenches, making pothole repairs, unfinished laying of block or brick, and performance of general maintenance or construction duties as directed;
  • Operates hand tools, lawn mowers, tamper, portable mixers, jack hammer, hand roller, trash pumps, chain saw, and other small power tools;
  • Safely operating small motor vehicles with either automatic or standard transmissions: sedans, pick-ups, one- ton dump trucks, and occasionally backhoes and loaders or any other equipment as directed;
  • Maintaining of small and large tools along with vehicles and any other equipment;
  • Performing of duties nights, weekends, and holidays as required; and during regular work hours;
  • Water meter reading when needed as
  • Performing of other reasonably related duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor or other supervisory personnel

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Good knowledge of hand and small power
  • Ability to operate hand and small power
  • Ability to operate small motor vehicle
  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written
  • Ability to perform manual work involving heavy lifting (minimum standard of up to 150 pounds, extensive walking (minimum ability to walk continually for 3 miles as well as constant walking behind a truck performing duties such as sweeping and loading truck for 5 hours straight), and strenuous physical activity for prolonged periods (such as digging of a ditch by hand, hand loading the dirt onto a truck for 5 hours straight), often under adverse weather and working
  • Good physical condition;
  • Some ability in operating large motor vehicles and heavy (Operating of one- ton dump truck, backhoe and front-end loader)
  • Familiarity with general construction practices and highway

Special Requirements:    

  • Pennsylvania Driver’s License, Class
  • Must obtain a CDL Driver’s License within 6 months from hiring

To bid on this position, please submit an application to Rose Paul at or in person by close of business on May 1, 2019.

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