Borough Projects

  • Harrisburg & Pine Streets Utility Improvements Project - Updated 1/4/2016

    The Contractor completed construction of the water system interconnections at Second Street, Reading Street, and Lester Road and abandoned the existing water system. The Contractor also completed the sanitary sewer spot repairs, and performed trench restoration work on Pine Street over the past month. Work has generally been suspended for the winter and will resume in the Spring of 2016.

    The Engineers will continue to have an RPR on site for these improvements and communicates frequently with Borough Staff and PennDOT on this Project.

  • Pump Station Sewage Grinder Improvement Project - Updated 1/4/2016

    The contractor has installed the new concrete foundations and sidewalk for the exterior access improvements at the Trewick Street Pump Station as part of the work of Change Order No. 2. The new flood door for the station has been ordered by contractor and is expected to be shipped during the week of January 11, 2016. All remaining work of Change Order No. 2 is expected to be completed by the contractor prior to the end of January 2016 to meet the grant fund deadline.

  • Swatara Street Retaining Wall - Updated 1/4/2016

    The final observation and measurements survey has been completed and the report created. The engineers are in the process of coordinating the final recommendations with the wall manufacturer’s engineer in order to finalize the report. Once complete the report will be submitted to the Borough which should be by mid-January.

  • Storm & Sanitary Sewer Inspection & Cleaning Projects - Updated 1/4/2016

    Work continues on the classification and mapping of the sanitary sewer manholes and storm water structures within the Project area. The engineers are in the process of finalizing these classifications and preparing contract documents for review by the Borough Staff and Solicitor .

  • Firehouse Improvement Project - Updated 1/4/2016

    The Engineers have submitted the Contract Documents to the Borough’s Solicitor for review. Once comments have been received and incorporated into the Documents, the Project will be advertised for public bidding.

Water Authority Projects

  • Disinfection By-products Rule Compliance Improvements Project - Updated 1/11/2016

    Work continued for the design of improvements to the water treatment plant to reduce the formation of disinfection byproducts (DBP) which have resulted in the recent drinking water violations.

    All field survey, base mapping, and preliminary sizing of the chlorine contact tank has been completed. Our geotechnical sub-consultant was onsite to complete field borings at two possible tank locations (northwest and southwest areas adjacent to the existing raw water pump station) on January 5, 2016. We expect to have the completed geotechnical report within the next three (3) weeks. Preliminary results indicate that the proposed tank areas reside within a large fill area, but will not require any special foundations or soil improvements.

    Permit applications will be submitted in March 2016 as previously discussed.

    In addition, several other methods of reducing DPBs within the distribution system are in the process of being evaluated including the installation of automatic flushers, mixing in the existing finished water storage tanks and operational improvements within the water distribution system to reduce water age as authorized by the Authority at the December 14, 2015 meeting. A meeting was held on December 15, 2015 with Borough staff to discuss the project and define the scope of work.

  • Water Treatment Plant Emergency Power - Updated 1/11/2016

    This project includes installation of a new standby electrical generator capable of powering the water treatment plant during periods of power outages. The project is being funded via CDBG – Disaster Recovery Grant through Dauphin County. The total grant amount is $555,000. All outstanding punch list items have been completed and the engineers are currently coordinating contract closeout with the Contractor.

  • Pine & Harrisburg Street Utility Improvements Project - Updated 1/11/2016

    The Contractor completed construction of the water system interconnections for the Pine Street portion of the project at Second Street, Reading Street, and Lester Road and abandoned the existing water system. Work has generally been suspended for the winter and will resume io the spring 2016 on Harrisburg Street. The Engineers will continued to provide an RPR on site for these improvements and communicate frequently with Borough Staff and PennDOT.