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Planning Commission Member

Borough of Steelton

Currently the Commission has five members but the Borough is always seeking interest to fill vacancies as they occur.

The Borough of Steelton is seeking resumes from residents interested in appointment to the Steelton Planning Commission for a two year term ending December 31, 2018. Applicants must be residents of Steelton Borough, be available to attend meetings held the third Thursday of every month at 6pm. Knowledge and experience in local government zoning and planning is preferred.

Powers and Duties of a Planning Commission Member:

  1. Make recommendations to the governing body concerning the adoption or amendment of an official map.
  2. Prepare and present to the governing body a zoning ordinance, and make recommendations to the governing body on proposed amendments to it.
  3. Prepare, recommend, and administer subdivision and land development and planned residential development regulations.
  4. Prepare and present to the governing body a building code and a housing code and make recommendations concerning proposed amendments thereto.
  5. Do such other acts or make studies as may be necessary to fulfill the duties and obligations imposed by the MPC.
  6. Prepare and present to the governing body an environmental study.
  7. Submit to the governing body a recommended capital improvements program.
  8. Prepare and present to the governing body a water survey, which shall be consistent with the State Water Plan and any applicable water resources plan adopted by a river basin commission, The water survey shall be conducted in consultation with any public water supplier in the area to be surveyed.
  9. Promote public interest in, and understanding of, the comprehensive plan and planning.
  10. Make recommendations to governmental, civic, and private agencies and individuals as to the effectiveness of the proposals of such agencies and individuals.
  11. Hold public hearings and meetings.
  12. Present testimony before any board.
  13. Require from other departments and agencies of the municipality such available information as relates to the work of the planning agency.
  14. In the performance of its functions, enter upon any land to make examination and land surveys with the consent of the owner.
  15. Prepare and present to the governing body a study regarding the feasibility and practicability of using renewable energy sources in specific areas within the municipality.
  16. Review the zoning ordinance, subdivision and land development ordinance, official map, provisions for planned residential development, and such other ordinances and regulations governing the development of land no less frequently than it reviews the comprehensive plan.

To be considered for appointment to the Steelton Borough Planning Commission, please submit your resume to Douglas Brown, Borough Manager, at 123 North Front Street, Steelton, PA 17113 or

To apply for this job email your details to