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Important Reminders to Residents for Winter Trash Pickup

In preparation for the upcoming winter season, please help the Borough and Republic Services safely and efficiently service your property during inclement weather by following the requests below:

  1. Containers need to be placed in an area where they can roll freely. The area must also be salted and free of snow and ice.
  2. If your container is located in an alley, the entrance to the alley needs to be wide enough for our trucks (9 feet). We will be unable to service your account if the alley is blocked by snow, parked cars, low wires, etc.
  3. Please keep your containers at least 4’ away from mailboxes, posts, signs, etc…
  4. The call for inclement weather could change the times you are typically serviced. Please be patient as we will service our customers until the roadway conditions become unsafe.

During inclement weather, you can contact us at for updates on our service schedules.