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Sewer Bill Calculator Tool

Please use the following tool as a guide to ESTIMATE you current and future Steelton Borough quarterly sewer bills.

This tool is provided as is, and does not reflect what your actual bill will be.

Sewer Bills are sent on the following schedule:

  • May Sewer Bill
    • January, February, and March water usage
    • PA American Water’s February, March, and April bills
  • August Sewer Bill
    • April, May, and June Usage
    • PA American Water’s May, June, and July bills
  • November Sewer Bill
    • July, August, and September Usage
    • PA American Water’s August, September, and October bills
  • February Sewer Bill
    • October, November, and December Usage
    • PA American Water’s November, December, and January bills

Units are for rentals, if you are a home owner please leave the units as 1.

See the Example bill for which numbers to use on these tools.

Example PA American Water Bill