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Street Sweeper

Street Sweeper

The Steelton Borough Street Sweeper typically runs each week (Monday through Thursday) from April through November of each year, but the Public Works staff will run outside this schedule as weather permits.

No Parking Signs

The Steelton Borough Police Department will enforce the No Parking signs for Street Sweeping from April 1st to November 30th each calander year.

No Parking is enforced throughout the signs specified no parking hours, even if the Street Sweeper has already passes.

Anyone that parks in the path of the Street Sweeper during the times designated on the No Parking signs on their street will be ticketed. It is important to allow the Street Sweeper to keep all streets in the Borough clean from April through November, including yours, by following the designated No Parking signs.

If the Public Works Department decides to run the Street Sweeper between Dec 1st and March 31st, the No Parking Signs will not be enforced or ticketed.

Why Street Sweep?

Street sweeping not only makes the streets cleaner, it is an important part of storm water pollution prevention. It prevents unwanted materials from flowing into the storm drains and polluting our bays and causing backups and flooding. It also keeps job sites clean and safe and helps to minimize tire damage.

Improves Safety
Drivers must utilize roads to make their ways to work, school and other pressing activities. They will be better off if they are not constantly worried about their safety on the road.

By leaving stray trash on our drivers are susceptible to skidding, sliding and colliding with other automobiles. A small tire skid can lead to a much larger accident in just seconds.

Helps the Environment
Dirty streets can negatively affect the environment in a number of ways.

After waste particles make their way onto roadways, they can then be carried along into the ecosystems of various animals. These contaminants can poison the ecosystems of these animals, turning their habitats into toxic wastelands.

There is also the possibility that road litter could attract animals, bringing them closer to roadways, thus increasing the chances of animal-involved car accidents. By keeping our streets swept and protecting your surrounding environment, we are also protecting our residents and visitors who use our roads.

Protecting Vehicles
Perhaps the most important reason to have your streets swept regularly is to protect the overall quality of automobiles which use ourstreets.

When stones, trash and other debris are left on our streets, they create a major nuisance to automobiles. Not only can rocks kick up and puncture vehicles, large debris can cause drivers to swerve violently, resulting in serious car accidents.

Allowing more and more debris to build up on our roads will only make the matter worse. 

Protecting Pets
You may not have realized it, but having a street sweeper in your neighborhood keeps your pet safe. This is because animals, including house-pets, gravitate to the scent of rotting food and debris in your gutters.

Unfortunately, the debris that gathers in your gutters could contain sharp objects, toxic chemicals, or hazardous materials. It could also contain mold and bacteria. And since animals don’t know any better, it falls to you to keep them from eating or touching these hazardous.