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Sewer Service

Sewer Rates



The Steelton Borough bills sewer usage quarterly on the following schedule:

  • January 1st – Meters for October thru December read, billing on February 1st.
  • April 1st – Metersfor January thru March read, billing on May 1st.
  • July 1st – Meters for April thru June read, billing on August 1st.
  • October 1st – Meters for July thru September read, billing on November 1st.

The current sewer rates effective July 2021, reflected in the November 1, 2021 billing are as follows. Customers will be billed on the following basis:

Sewer Service Fee: – $17.00
Home Occupation Fee: – $149.39

Per 1000 gallons of water consumption charge per quarter:


Sewer Maintenance/Repair Responsibility

Steelton homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the sewer laterals running from their home to the the point where their sewer line connects with the borough main.

It is important for residents to know that any sewer line break up to this point is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Chapter 90 of the Code of the Borough of Steelton, §90-1 “Definitions” defines “Building Sewer” as “The pipe leading form the sewage drainage system of any structure to the collection sewer or the pressure sewer system.”

“Collection sewer” is defined as “ The Borough’s sanitary sewers located under highways, roads, streets and public rights-of-way that collect and convey sanitary sewage or industrial wastes or a combination of both to a pumping or treatment facility.”

Chapter 90 §90-41 of the Steelton Borough Code titled Customer responsibility; exceptions, states: The maintenance, repair or replacement of a building sewer and or pressure sewer system shall be the obligation of the property owner.

The above reflects that the property owner is responsible for maintenance, repair and replacement of their sewer line to the point that it connects to the Borough’s sewer main.

Steelton Borough homeowners are encouraged to discuss with their insurance company coverage options for their sewer lines. In the case of a sewer line backup, homeowners are asked to notify their insurance company as well as the Borough.



Doxo Payments Disclaimer

The Borough of Steelton sewer utility customers have recently raised questions and concerns regarding Doxo, an online payment service that helps consumers manage all their various utility accounts in one place for the purpose of streamlining bill payments. Doxo uses the Borough’s name/logo without the Borough’s permission. When using the Doxo website, it appears customers are paying the utility, when payment in fact goes to Doxo. The Borough has not authorized the payment of any fees for this service, nor does the Borough receive any remuneration from Doxo for its services. Doxo then forwards the payment to the Borough, which can be delayed – resulting in late payments to the residents account and a possible disconnection of service. Borough customers are proceeding at their own risk when using Doxo or similar services.

The Borough of Steelton is not affiliated with DOXO and, having no connection or agreement with DOXO, cannot track or obtain any information about transactions made through them. If not mailing their payment or paying in person at the Borough of Steelton’s Municipal building, the only online payment option the Borough of Steelton endorses is the one available on the Borough of Steelton website,