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Handicap Parking

Application is at the bottom of the page

Steelton Special Purpose (Handicap) Parking Policy

In order to accommodate both special purpose and regular parking on those streets of the Borough where parking is permitted, the number of special purpose-parking permits to be granted shall be determined as follows:

  • Parking Area shall be determined as that area on one side of a highway, street, or alley from an intersection of the highway, street, or alley to an intersection in any opposite direction.
  • The number of special purpose parking spaces shall be limited in each parking area according to the following formula:
    1. the distance of the street, highway or alley measured from intersection to intersection minus 40 feet (20′ no parking area at the corner of each street)= X.
    2. (X) 20 (parking space size)= total parking spaces per parking area.
    3. Total parking spaces per area ) 6 = number of special purpose parking spaces allowed in parking area. (Rounded to nearest whole number fractions.)


  1. SE comer of intersection of 2nd & Pine Streets to NE corner of intersection of 2nd & Locust Streets is a distance of 300′ less 40′ (for 20′ no parking at both comers)= 260′. X = 260′
  2. 260 ) 20 = 13
  3. 13) 6 = 2.16

2 special purpose spaces allowed

Each resident of the Borough of Steelton seeking a special purpose parking space shall complete the “Borough of Steelton Special Purpose Parking Application” attached.hereto as Attachment No. 1. If the parking area of a highway, street, or alley has the maximum number of special purpose parking spaces allotted pursuant to Paragraph 1 above, a resident may still file an Application. Each Application will be held. until a special purpose parking space becomes available in that parking area or the Application is withdrawn.

Applications will be considered for approval in the order of date received,
earliest to latest.

Required Documents

Required Documents to accompany this application:

  • Cash, Check, or Money Order in the Amount of $35.00 – NONREFUNDABLE
  • Photocopy of Vehicle Registration
  • Photocopy of person with a disability or severely disabled veteran license plate.
  • Official Signed Notice from PA Licensed Physician stating need for person with a disability or severely disabled veteran parking.

Application Guidelines

The Applicant recognizes that the following regulations and conditions apply to the designation of person with a disability (PWD) and severely disabled veteran (SDV) parking spaces:

  1. All applicants must be residents of the Borough of Steelton and must have a PWD or SDV license plate issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Disabled parking permits and/or placards do not satisfy this requirement. 
  2. A copy of the vehicle registration with the PWD or SDV license plate number on it must accompany this application.
  3. After completed application has been received, Steelton Borough Personnel will review the application for completeness. 
  4. Incomplete applications will be rejected and a notice will be forwarded to the applicant with reasons for rejection.
  5. The Borough will review the location for which the PWD or SDV parking space is requested. This is to determine if the parking space is available pursuant to the Borough’s ordinance.
  6. If the residence where the PWD or SDV parking space is to be reserved contains an off-street parking area immediately adjacent to the residence the application will be rejected. 
  7. Once the application passes initial review by Steelton Borough staff, it will then be sent to Steelton BoroughCouncil for review and approval/denial at their regularly scheduled council meetings. Upon the decision from Steelton Borough Council, applicant will be notified in writing by the Borough of Steelton. 
  8. Approved applications will then be forwarded to Steelton Public Works for painting of appropriate lines and installation of designated parking sign. 
  9. The approved sign that is installed will contain the license plate number of the vehicle for which the space is reserved. 
  10. The Steelton Borough Police Department reserves the right to issue citations to the owner of any vehicle parked in a PWD or SDV space that is not entitled to said parking space, pursuant to Title 75 Pa. C.S. § 3354 (d). 
  11. An NONREFUNDABLE administrative fee of $35.00 is required to cover administrative and material costs. This will be collected after Council approval and before installation of the signage. 
  12. Holders of granted PWD and SDV parking spaces are required to notify the Borough on or before the anniversary date of the granting of the PWD or SDV space indicating that the applicant still requires the space. If the Borough is not so notified, the designation may be revoked and the parking space removed.