Council Committees

The committee meeting schedule can be found on our meeting calendar.

Neighborhood & Economic Development Committee

Handles economic and community development issues including recommending projects to Council in which to pursue grant funding, planning community events, and recommending strategies to improve economic and community development in the Borough.

  • Keontay Hodge – Chair
  • Michael Segina – Vice Chair
  • Brian Proctor
  • Doug Brown – Borough Manager
  • Amrinder Singh – Codes/Zoning Officer

Negotiation Committee

Handles Contract Negotiations and provided recommendations to Council.

  • Kelly Kratzer – Chair
  • Keontay Hodge – Vice Chair
  • Dennis Heefner
  • Doug Brown – Borough Manager

Personnel Committee

Handles all personnel issues including reviewing application/resumes and interviewing candidates for hire and recommending candidates for hiring to Borough Council. The committee also handles all issues of disciplinary action and recommends courses or action concerning employment issues to Council.

  • Keontay Hodge – Chair
  • Michael Segina – Vice Chair
  • Brian Proctor
  • Doug Brown – Borough Manager

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops, reviews, and recommends the General and Sewer Fund Budget to Council. The Committee also meets once per quarter to review the Borough’s financial performance.

  • Michael Segina – Chair
  • Natasha Woods – Vice Chair
  • Kelly Kratzer
  • Doug Brown – Borough Manager

Public Works Committee

Oversees the Public Works Department and issues of public works including road and infrastructure maintenance, issues over sewer billing disputes, and capital planning.

  • Dennis Heefner – Chair
  • William Krovic III – Vice Chair
  • Michael Segina
  • Doug Brown – Borough Manager

Police Issues and Negotiating Committee

The Police Issues and Negotiations Committee works closely with the Police Department (the Borough’s largest department) to address routine issues as well as recommend policy and actions to Council to improve policing in the Borough. The Committee is also responsible for negotiations with the unions representing Borough staff.

  • Mayor Maria Marcinko – Chair
  • Kelly Kratzer – Vice Chair
  • Natashia Woods
  • Keontay Hodge
  • Doug Brown – Borough Manager
  • Anthony Minium – Officer in Charge

Fire, Ambulance, EMA Committee

The Fire, Ambulance and EMS Committee reviews and recommends policy to the Borough Council regarding emergency response, hazard mitigation, and safety in the Borough. This committee works closely with the Steelton Fire Department and Emergency Management Coordinator to ensure the Borough is prepared for emergencies.

  • William Krovic III – Chair
  • Kelly Kratzer – Vice Chair
  • Michael Segina
  • Mayor Maria Marcinko – Mayor
  • Doug Brown – Borough Manager
  • Gene Vance – Fire Chief
  • Andrew Mahalchick – Assistant Chief
  • Nate Martin – Battalion Chief
  • Joshua Sherrid- Emergency Mgmt Coordinator

Recreation, Parks, & Events Committeee

Handles the planning of Borough Events, Recreation Activities, and provides park recommendation.

  • Natashia Woods Chair
  • William Krovic III – Vice Chair
  • Keontay Hodge
  • Doug Brown – Borough Manager