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Trash And Recycling Containers

Harrisburg City-provided carts are the only carts that can be used for trash.

Use of personal trash cans will not be allowed. If you want Harrisburg City to take your old trash cans, please place a sign that reads “Please Take My Can” on the can to be removed.

Trash Can Sizes

Provided sizes of Trash Containers, free of charge:

  • 35-Gallon cart (holds 2 bags): 39.2” tall x 20.2” wide x 22.98” deep
  • 48 Gallon cart (holds 3 bags)
  • 65-Gallon cart (holds 4 bags): 40.58” tall x 26.7” wide x 28.11” deep
  • 95-Gallon cart (holds 5 bags) 45.13” tall x 28.5” wide x 33.73” deep

Please note the width of each of the units if you must contend with a narrow doorway or alley.

If you prefer the 35-gallon size or 48-gallon size, you are allowed two of them.

Your recycling container will be one of the 35-gallon carts with a bright blue lid. If these sizes of cart are not suitable, we will do all we can to accommodate your needs.

Residents are allowed any combination of can sizes, but the total weekly trash put out cannot exceed 130 gallons.