Pennsylvania American Water

On October 9th, 2019, Pennsylvania American Water officially became the new owner/operator of the Steelton Water System.

Customers will receive their final combined water-sewer bill from Steelton next week in an effort to give extra time to pay the bill. This bill reflects usage for July through the date of transition to PAWC.

Bills will be mailed out the week of October 14th instead of the week of November 1st. The bill will be due November 30th per our usual billing schedule.

Sending the final combined Steelton bill early gives customers additional time to pay this bill for final water usage to Steelton before receiving their first montly PAWC bill–expected in November.

After this, customers will receive one monthly water bill from PAWC and one quarterly sewer bill from Steelton Borough.

A cover letter will be sent with the upcoming Steelton bill explaining the billing transition to PAWC for water bills.

In the interim, please visit the PAWC-Steelton web page for information on on billing and customer service contacts. PAWC will also mail a welcome packet to all customers shortly.

Pennsylvania American Water