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1/25/2016 Snow Update

Evening Update:

Steelton Borough staff and contractors removed snow from most of Front Street today in order to allow for the future parking of cars that is needed to fully remove snow on Second Street and other streets.

Please remember, we are still under an Emergency Declaration until 3pm Wednesday with the possibility of an extension. Front Street remains a NO PARKING area until further notice. DO NOT PARK ON FRONT STREET until further notice.

Today, Borough Public Works staff plowed most secondary streets and alleys, but some problem areas still do exist. We will continue to focus on problem areas tomorrow and continue to work on clearing secondary streets and alleys. All municipalities hit by Snow Storm Jonas are anticipating a dig-out process that will be prolonged and require patience of residents.

Please exercise caution if driving on secondary streets or alleys and be patient. Due to parked cars and the narrow nature of Steelton’s secondary streets and alleys, it will take days if not longer to fully clear each street, but we are doing everything we can.

As the snow continues to melt and residents continue to dig out, remember you cannot throw snow into the street. This only creates additional safety hazards and negates the work we have done to clear the streets.

In the coming days, Borough staff will continue to prepare Front Street for parking and continue to work on secondary streets and alleys. Until then, DO NOT PARK ON FRONT STREET.

Thank you, again, for your patience. Please continue to help your neighbors and follow the Steelton Borough website for additional updates and notifications.

Doug Brown, Borough Manager

Dear Steelton Borough Residents:

Steelton Borough Council, the Mayor, and staff would like to sincerely thank you for your patience, cooperation, and assistance as we navigate the aftermath of Winter Storm Jonas together.

Today, January 25th, Borough staff continue to work on clearing secondary streets and alleys, while also removing snow to make roads more accessible. The Borough has also called in additional snow removal contractors to assist with our efforts. Most if not all secondary streets and alleys should be plowed by the end of today. Please note that even when roads and streets are plowed, drivers should exhibit maximum caution in driving.

We are focusing on removing snow from Front Street to accommodate parking, while also removing snow on Swatara and Pine Streets. Contractors and staff are also working from both ends of the Borough inward to clear and remove snow on secondary streets and alleys.

While the Borough Office is closed today, you can call the following numbers for assistance with snow related needs:

  • In the case of an emergency, immediately dial 9-1-1
  • To report issues related to water-lines, sewer-lines, utilities, or streets, call the Steelton Public Works staff at 717-939-5282 ext. 2 
  • To report any health, safety, or welfare issues related to the storm, call the Steelton Fire Department at (717) 939-2478 or the Steelton Police Department at (717)-939-9841
  • Report any power outages to PPL Electric Utilities 1-800-DIAL-PPL (1-800-342-5775) / PPL Outage Center

Trash Pickup Delayed Until Thursday, January 28th:

Republic Services is running on a one-day delayed schedule due to the snow event. Please do not place trash out until Wednesday evening/Thursday morning. Republic Services may not be able to reach every resident on the streets where conditions are the worst. Please be prepared for this. Republic Services will pick up double the items next week for these residents.


It is critical to refrain from throwing snow into the streets. Doing so impedes our efforts to clear streets. Steelton Police will be responding to reports of residents throwing snow into the street.

Please continue to be patient, check on your neighbors, and refrain from driving unless it is necessary. Steelton Borough will continue to expend all resources to clean up from Winter Storm Jonas in a safe and effective manner.

Doug Brown, Borough Manager