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1/26/2016 Snow Update

The Public Works Department, contractors, the Police Department and Fire Department continue to coordinate snow cleanup and clearing efforts in the Borough. In the coming days, residents will need to stay tuned for additional street closures and notifications as we move through the Borough cleaning up streets and side alleys.

Snow Emergency Extended Until Friday, January 29th at 6pm.

Due to the extensive cleanup effort needed to clear streets, Mayor Acri has extended the Snow Emergency Declaration until Friday, January 29th at 6pm. Please follow the website for information on additional No Parking designations needed to clean the streets.

Snow Plowing and Snow Removal Plan for January 27th Through January 29th

Borough Staff and contractors will finish snow removal on Front Street tomorrow and move on to additional streets. After snow removal is complete on Front Street, the Borough will notify residents when the No Parking ban is lifted. Do not park on Front Street until you are notified.

Throughout the rest of this week, snow removal will focus on the following streets:

  • Swatara Street – Thursday, January 28th
  • Pine Street – Thursday, January 28th
  • Second Street from Pine Street to Gibson Street – Friday, January 29th

The above streets will be designated No Parking on the days stated above. The Steelton Police Department will notify residents at least 24 hours in advance of designating the streets No Parking.

The Public Works Department is also working to clear alleys with a Bobcat. As of the end of today, most alleys have been opened. If the Borough has missed an alley or secondary street, please notify the us.

The Public Works Department is finishing clearing Front Street to allow parking. Please follow the website and wait to be notified before parking on Front Street.

The Steelton Police Department will start fining residents for throwing snow into the street. Fines for throwing snow into the street will range from $300 to $600 per Borough Ordinance (Section 94.22 of the Steelton Borough Code)

No Trash Pickup This Week – Republic will pick up double the amount of trash next week.

Trash will not be picked up this week in order to facilitate snow removal and clearing of streets. DO NOT set your trash out this week. Republic Services will be calling residents as a reminder. Next week, Republic Services will be picking up double the trash allowable in order to make up for not picking up trash this week.

Steelton Borough, like all municipalities impacted by Winter Storm Jonas, is working hard to clear streets, remove snow, and respond to the concerns of residents. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please know we are expending every possible resource to respond to this historic snow storm.

Doug Brown, Borough Manager