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Steelton Borough is Looking for a Vacancy Board Chair

A qualified resident is sought to fill the position of Steelton Borough Vacancy Board Chair for the calendar year 2017. The Chair is responsible for running the meetings of the Steelton Vacancy Board, which will only meet as-needed.

Whenever a vacancy occurs in any elective borough office, Steelton Borough Council fills the vacancy by appointing, by resolution, a registered voter of the borough. If Council fails to do so within 30 days, the Steelton Borough Vacancy Board meets to consider candidates to fill the vacancy. The Vacancy Board consists of the Steelton Borough Council, and one registered voter of the borough that serves as chair. Additionally, if the vacancy board fails to fill the vacancy within the allotted time, the chair of the vacancy board must petition the court of common pleas to fill the vacancy.

Idea candidates should be responsive, objective, and work well in a group setting. Experience with parliamentary procedure is a plus.

Interested candidates must submit a resume to Douglas E. Brown, Borough Manager, at

Council will appoint a vacancy chair no later than April 3, 2017.