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Updated: Information Regarding Today’s Oil Spill and Steelton’s Water Supply

Updated: 10/23/2016

DEP has stated the oil will not impact us or our ability to treat water.

Date: 10/21/2016

As residents may have heard from various news outlets, an oil spill occurred in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania earlier today with approximately 55,000 gallons spilling into the northern Susquehanna River.

While the location of the spill is far north of Steelton, the Borough (like its surrounding municipalities) is preparing for the possibility that the oil impacted water may reach our part of the river. Projections have the oil reaching our location as early as Sunday.

Currently, residents can continue to use their public water supply as usual. The filtration plant continues to operate as normal and will fill both water reservoirs with treated water.

  • Check the website for updates
  • Check local media for notifications regarding water restrictions
  • Begin to conserve water when possible
  • Purchase bottled water in advance of Sunday/Monday

Please remain vigilant in preparing for the potential of a water shortage. While it is our hope that we will not have to suspend treatment plant operations due to the oil spill, it is better to be prepared than simply hope for the best.

Douglas Brown, Borough Manager