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Winter Safety Tips

Steelton Borough residents should be ready and prepared for winter storms. Some important reminders for winter storms, including the storm expected this weekend, include:

  • Dial 9-11 in cases of emergencies.
  • Contact the Steelton Fire Department at (717) 939-2478 or the Steelton Police Department if you experience any additional issues related to the storm and require assistance.
  • If possible, please park your car in an off-street location to allow Borough snow plows to treat the roads.
  • Keep walkways, sidewalks, and entrances to your home clear and salted as much as possible to allow access in cases of emergency.
  • Pay special attention to areas surrounding fire hydrants. If your property is near a hydrant, we ask that you shovel snow away from the hydrant and keep a path to the hydrant clear.
  • Recognize that it will take time for Borough staff to plow secondary streets. Given the grade of many of the streets in Steelton, some streets are difficult to plow. Your patience and preparation are greatly appreciated.

For additional safety tips, visit:

Borough staff, fire department volunteers, the Emergency Management Coordinator, and Police Department are prepared for the event of significant snow fall. Please review the information above so that you are also prepared.