PENNVEST Board Awards $3.05 Million Loan to Steelton Borough Authority for Chlorine Contact Tank Project

At its July 20th meeting, the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) Board voted to approve a $3,050,000 low-interest loan to finance the Steelton Borough Authority’s Disinfection Byproduct Removal Project.

PENNVEST funding will provide for the construction of a 230,000 gallon chlorine contact tank at the Steelton Water Filtration Plant. The contact tank is determined to be the most effective way of limiting the formation of disinfection byproducts in drinking water by allowing for post-treatment chlorination. Borough engineers, in consultation with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, believe that this project coupled with current upgrades to the water distribution system will prevent future Tier II disinfection byproduct violations.

Steelton Borough Authority Secretary Doug Brown thanked PENNVEST board members, State Representative Patty Kim, State Senator Mike Folmer, and the Department of Environmental Protection for their commitment to supporting and assisting the Authority in improving its water treatment and delivery system. “The support of our state agencies and elected officials is critical to making the capital and operational changes needed to consistently meet all water quality standards. Improving our water system has truly been a team effort involving borough staff, engineers, Senator Folmer, Representative Kim, the Authority Board, PENNVEST, and DEP staff,” Brown said, “We have come a long way since the issues of 2014 because everyone has stepped up to the plate.”

The construction of the chlorine contact tank is expected to be completed by summer 2017. It is part of a number of current projects aimed at improving the Steelton water system.

Codes Memorandum – Subject: Suspicious Person

The Office of Code Enforcement would like to inform the public that:

On Thursday 06-02-16 the Steelton Police responded to two separate locations in the borough for a suspicious person knocking on residents doors. In the first incident the suspect knocked on the resident’s door and claimed he needed to check her wiring of her house. When the resident refused the male drove away. Approximately two hours later the suspect approached another resident and was inquiring to his home security system. He is described as a white male in his late 20’s to early 30’s, wearing a baseball cap, carrying a clip board and driving a light colored sedan that is possibly silver. Anyone who has been contacted by a male matching this description is asked to contact the Steelton Police.

We would like to warn the public not to let any suspicious person claiming to be an inspector into their home, and to immediately call the Office of Code Enforcement at 717-939-1146, or the police non-emergency number at 717-939-9841 if they are approached by someone they think is falsely identifying themselves as a codes inspector. Our inspectors all wear white shirts which are clearly marked “Code Enforcement” and carry Borough-Issued Identification Cards and Badges. Over 99% of the time prior notice of an inspection is given so it’s rare for an inspector to just show up and demand entry inside of a property.

The Office of Code Enforcement is open Monday thru Thursday from 8AM to 4:30PM and on Friday from 8AM to 4PM. Please feel free to contact a staff member for any further questions or concerns.

Thank you
Amrinder Singh – Building Code Official

Codes Memorandum – Subject: Suspicious Person

**Lifted ** Boil Water Advisory In Effect for the 300 block of Bessemer Street

A boil water advisory is in effect for the 300 block of Bessemer Street in the Borough of Steelton due to a water main break. Water Authority Staff will take 2 bacteria tests over the next 2 days which is the protocol when water service is shut down. Once two consecutive non-detect results are received the boil water advisory will be lifted.

Residents of the 300 block of Bessemer Street are advised to boil their water until the advisory is lifted.

Tier II DBP Violation

Important Information About the Public Notice Enclosed

The Steelton Borough Water Authority and staff take producing the highest quality drinking water very seriously. Over the past two years, the Authority has invested heavily into infrastructure and operational improvements in response to newer and more stringent environmental testing and reporting standards.

** No Longing in Effect ** – Boil Water Advisory In Effect for 100 Block of Watson Street and Parts of 100 Block of Connestoga Street

Due to a water main break, the a boil water advisory is in effect for the 100 Block of Watson Street and parts of the 100 Block of Conestoga Street. Public Works staff will deliver written notices to all properties under the boil water advisory. The advisory is in effect until further notice. It is necessary in order to take two test samples of the water in the area of the break before resuming normal service. Public works staff will notify all residents when the boil water advisory is lifted.

Notice Of Construction Activities

North Front Street Brownfields Redevelopment Project

The Borough of Steelton’s contractor, Environmental Management Specialists, Inc., and its consultant, Hull & Associates, Inc., will commence construction activities in support of the North Front Street Brownfields Redevelopment Project starting the week of May 2, 2016.

The anticipated working hours for this project will be from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and will involve site clearance and remediation activities at 120, 140, and 154 North Front Street in Steelton. Weather or site conditions may require adjustments to this schedule at times. Construction activities at the site are estimated to be substantially complete by mid-June 2016.

This project is being funded by a Growing Greener II Grant award from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

For questions about this project, please contact Borough Manager Douglas E. Brown at (717) 939-9842 or Visit the Borough’s website at for additional information and updates.

** No Longer in Effect ** – Boil Water Advisory – Water Main Break 4/28/2016

Due to a water main break, residents in the 400 Block of North Third Street and the 100 Block of Conestoga Street will be under a boil water advisory until further notice. The boil water advisory is necessary until the water main is fully repaired. Please read the following notice. The boil water advisory is in effect until further notice.

For more information please read the following: Boil Water Advisory – 4/28/2016