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Borough News

New Name for Baldwin

Posted 15 Aug 1879, Harrisburg Daily Independent

The Baldwin Weekly Item says: Steelton is the name proposed by Maj. Bent and adopted by a large list of signers by which this place will be known in the near future.

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Steelton Trolley Car Pole Connector

Written by: Barbara Barksdale
How often do you look around when you are walking or driving around Steelton? I had to stop at the Steelton Post Office and when coming out I stood there looking at the building across the street that I had the pleasure of touring several months ago.

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Major tax incentive to spur economic development unveiled

Under the LERTA — Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance Program – work done in the downtown commercial district along Front Street, between Conestoga Street to Strawberry Alley and in the 100 block of Adams Street, is eligible for 10 years of property tax relief.

New construction or renovation done elsewhere in the borough is eligible for reduced property taxes over nine years. Under the plan, property outside the commercial zone can receive 100 percent abatement for the first five years, 80 percent in year six; 60 percent in year 7; 40 percent in year 8; and a 20 percent break in year nine before paying the full amount on improved properties in year 10.

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Steelton Borough Welcome Firefly Dispensary to Town

Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Department of Health awarded KW Ventures Holdings LLC operating as Firefly Dispensaries a permit to operate a medical cannabis dispensary in Steelton Borough. Firefly was the only awardee in Dauphin County and only one of four dispensaries awarded a permit in the South-Central Region.

Firefly will build a brand new state-of-the-art facility at 801 South Front Street which will serve as its flagship location.

Firefly is working closely with Steelton Borough and Police Chief Minium to coordinate development of the dispensary to maximize security and community benefit.

Steelton Borough congratulates Firefly and welcomes Jonathan Gusdorff and the team to our town. We are looking forward to a top-notch facility and business. Thank you for your commitment to Steelton Borough.

New member to the Adopt-A-Block family

Steelton Borough is proud to welcome a new member to the Adopt-A-Block family. Promise Place has adopted the 300 block of South Second Street from Chestnut to Mohn. Send a thanks to Promise Place for doing their part in keeping Steelton clean.

First-Ever Adopt a Block Participants Honored by Steelton Borough Council

Steelton Borough honored the community’s first-ever Adopt-A-Block Program participants at the February 6th Borough Council meeting.

These individuals have taken a leadership role in cleaning up Steelton Borough by taking ownership of their blocks. Join Steelton Borough in congratulating the following Adopt-A-Block groundbreakers:

  • William “Yogi” Jones
  • Paul “Suzzie” Kuder
  • Steve Mull (Ponti’s Walk)
  • Kelly and Bryan Kratzer
  • Bryan Proctor

You can join this group of community leaders by adopting your own block. Fill out the application here and return it to Doug Brown.