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Happy 140th Birthday Steelton!

We went from being a town called Baldwin to the Borough of Steelton, one hundred and forty years ago this month. An application for the corporation was done on September 5, 1879, with Grand Jury filings which lead to the certificate acknowledgement on January 16, 1880.

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New Name for Baldwin

Posted 15 Aug 1879, Harrisburg Daily Independent

The Baldwin Weekly Item says: Steelton is the name proposed by Maj. Bent and adopted by a large list of signers by which this place will be known in the near future.

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Steelton Trolley Car Pole Connector

Written by: Barbara Barksdale
How often do you look around when you are walking or driving around Steelton? I had to stop at the Steelton Post Office and when coming out I stood there looking at the building across the street that I had the pleasure of touring several months ago.

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Black History Month: Meet The Montford Point Marines

In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt opened up Marine Corps recruitment and basic training to African Americans at Montford Point from 1942-1949. This segregated training base was established on the grounds of Camp Lejeune to prepare the Marines for various duties while in combat. Some became gunners while serving in the Ammunition and Depot Companies. (more…)